Geotechnical Consultants

HGSA provides geotechnical consulting services for all project types, single residential to large-scale commercial and industrial; from the initial concept to finished construction phases. Our work also informs clients of geologic and slope stability hazards which can impact the site’s design and feasibility. Groundwater resources and water rights can be investigated when your project requires it.

H.G. Schlicker’s Geotechnical consulting services span a wide variety of functions, suited specifically for the Pacific Northwest:


Environmental Science

Mining consulting

Landslide and slope prevention & repair

Public works projects

Since 1980, thousands of successful projects

Our expert team of scientists have spent decades working on projects in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We assist your team or agency in the following areas:

  •    Permitting
  •    Expert Testimony
  •    Bridges
  •    Dams
  •    Shallow Foundations
  •    Deep Foundations
  •    Drywells
  •    Water Tanks
  •    Engineering Geology
  •    Geologic Hazards
  •    Seismic Analysis
  •    Building Site Reports
  •    Mineral Resource Evaluations
  •    Slope Instability Mapping
  •    Ground Improvement and Settlement Mitigation
  •    Hydrogeology Investigations
  •    Residential Development
  •    Landslide Evaluation and Remediation
  •    Essential Facilities
  •    Commercial Buildings
  •    Schools, Colleges and Church Facilities
  •    Oceanfront / Waterfront Development


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