Riprap Revetment Replacement — Gleneden Beach

Two adjacent residential home sites on an approximately 70 feet high oceanfront bluff slope in the Gleneden Beach area of Lincoln County, Oregon were experiencing bluff erosion.

This beachfront area experiences active …

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Retaining Wall Replacement — Oregon City

Retaining Wall Replacement — Oregon City - Featured Image

Residential home site on a moderately steep hillside in Oregon City, Oregon needing retaining wall replacement.

A decades old, wood post and lagging wall approximately 7 to 15 feet high was present along the east side of Peter Skene Way adjacent to the subject home. Materials …

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Foundation Underpinning — Oregon Coast

Foundation Underpinning — Oregon Coast - Featured Image

Ground cracking and movement along a wood post and lagging wall adjacent to a high, steep slope was impacting a residential home site on the Oregon coast.

HGSA conducted an engineering geologic investigation using test pits …

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